Buying a house is the hardest thing you will ever do.

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How do you get on the same page if both of you want different things?

Waiting for that “feeling” doesn't work if you care about different things. How often have you seen the “one” for it to be replaced by a new “one” at the next show house? How on earth do you stay objective when viewing that Victorian house that will be absolutely perfect but is an extra 30-minute commute for your partner?

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How many emails, messages and notifications can one person really get?

Bombarded with new listings on property sites, everyone from Uncle Tim to Jen in accounting sending you new properties along with your partner in that couple WhatsApp group. It’s enough for anyone to feel overwhelmed.

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Property viewings are a waste of time if you’re arriving like a mistake.

How do you get value out of property viewings if you don’t know what you’re looking for and no way to record it so you can recall the visit a week from now. Let's be honest. That's only if you actually remember to go to it in the first place.

Jonga gives you everything you need to help you find your dream home.

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It all starts with knowing what you're looking for.

Tell Jonga exactly what you’re looking for in your dream home. We take the stuff you expect like the price, rooms and size to the stuff that you don’t think about like how long the travel time is to your office or the kid's school. We compare every property you add against this to give you a match score.

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One central place for everything gives you superpowers and saves your sanity.

Share all the properties that look interesting to your Jonga inbox. Even that random one from Aunt Mabel. It only moves into your potentials list when both you and your partner say Yes! Add comments and notes to the property so everyone is on the same page.

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Slay the viewings by knowing exactly what you want.

Jonga gives you tools to maximise what you get out of the viewings. Use the built-in calendar to schedule the viewings and plan your day. Setup checklists so you ask all the right questions. Then log all your comments and pictures so you don’t forget a thing. Oh, did we mention its all synced in real-time?


When we said everything, we meant everything.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode so that you can argue about properties in bed as all great couples do.


Compare the listings of multiple properties side-by-side so you know exactly how they compare.

Property Filtering

Filter your property search by whatever is important to you at that moment and order by whats relevant.


Search through your properties quickly to find the one you’re looking for and favourite the ones you love for quick access.

Map Visualisations

View a map of all the properties on your search to see what you can do in the area and use the calendars map to plan your viewings better.

Rich Information

Change the state of the property from reviewed to offer presented so that you and your partner know exactly where you are in your property hunt.

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